Western Kingbirds on my porch

These little bundles of fluff have been the inspiration for my next round of surface designs. Western Kingbirds nested on our porch last year and one chick was raised. This year, there are four! I have taken multiple pictures though out this journey. It has been inspirational for me to have the privilege of witnessing this remarkable cycle of life.

These little beings of light and energy, fueled by bugs, have developed from egg to flying bird in a little more than a month. The tenacious dedication of the parents has also been something to marvel. Each day they have relayed bugs from the area to the nest. They have twittered at each other as they pass in what seemed like joyous play. When all the chicks fledged on the same day, the parents called with a frequency and concern that was not just human projection. Finally all were gathered in our Juniper and continued to be fed.

By now, they have survived strong winds, small hail and rain. They tuck into the protected space of our porch each night. They use the porch to practice flying during the day. By some miracle, they have gone unobserved by local feral cats and a parade of road runners. All have baby bird on their menu. I have witnessed the parents chasing off both cat and road runner threats. That’s how Kingbirds got their name. They are fearless!

Soon “my babies” will be fully fledged. I will celebrate their success with a small twinge of personal loss, ameliorated by the hope that they might return again next year. Enjoy the journey…..


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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