Building my Lap Quilt Inventory

I’ve made “Cheater Quilts” out of proofs of my Spoonflower designs shown below. They are about 36″/one yard, nearly square. I’m hoping to sell these for $60.00 each (pulse tax/shipping) at a local gallery and some upcoming events. I have two more on the way. Please see descriptions below each image.

Inspired by petroglyphs near Silver City in an area called the Dragonfly Site, and a entry called “Say Ah!” I call this one “Laughing & Singing in the Southwest.”

Photos of my back yard roses layered on different polka dot and colored backgrounds. “A Rose By Any Other Name.”

Folk instruments including mountain and hammered dulcimers, Irish Harp, banjo, guitar, ukulele and Irish drum “bodhran.” “Music Becomes You!”

“Zebra Rose” is pretty self evident. I just liked the visual contrast of a bright color of the rose against the black and white zebra pattern.

I gave this one to my nephews & niece for an anniversary gift. It’s my “Little Brown Bird” and a Chalk Doodle design.

“Spirit Lions” was inspired by the colors of the southwest, and an idea I had about filling each lion with petroglyph-like designs and colors. I had some commercial zebra fabric left over that just seemed to balance the idea of “prey-predator.” I also liked the black & white opposite the multitude of colors.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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