Lavendar Leaves Alive!

I think I’ve finished with the lavender leaves on my Phoebe Dreaming project. I have started to add texture to the flower heads.

The actual plants are dry now, but leaves or flower buds crushed between thumb and fingers still come alive with fragrance. As I sew, I remember the plethora of moths and small butterflies that fueled the growth of my little Phoebe family. Bug after bug was snapped from the air by skilled parents and stuffed down gapping maws of baby beaks, now remembered fondly in my fabric art images.

So this art becomes a living memory of the past, and takes on its own life in the creative process. I feel humbled by being part of that creative process. I often feel the images are working through me, rather than my efforts working to be expressed. I enjoy being that vessel of expression. I’m never really sure how an art project will turn out because of this openness to whatever is generating the work through me. That keeps the work exciting for me!

Birds are done here. Garden background is fused, but not anchored down.

This is the first layer of anchoring the Lavender leaves and stems.

Here the leaves and stems have been anchored by two colors of green. I’ve begun to add texture to the flowers on the right. I’ve made them much larger than life because I was thinking about how they might appear to a small insect.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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