When our World was Unbroken

When our world was unbroken, we saw each other as companions, a unit that worked together to survive and thrive into a future that was one with our planet. 

When our world was unbroken, we talked through our concerns, sat together, thought, and listened to each other. We gave a little. We took a little. We worked to find a balance of needs and desires to reach harmony.

When our world was unbroken, dreams were visions shared and valued. Those who had the visions were nurtured and trained to pay attention to their broader meaning. The visions were valued for their guidance and healing.

When our world was unbroken, “religion” was a path toward enlightenment, tolerance, a guide for leading a life with heart. “Religion” was not a sword for division, fear mongering, revenge, judgement, and self righteousness in our acts of wrongness. 

When our world was unbroken, we viewed differences as points of discussion, not points of violence. Differences were valued as gifts that broadened understanding of human nature, our point of view, our respect. Differences were a gift that enriched our lives as something to be discovered and learned, not something to be feared, repressed, imprisoned, brutalized or killed. 

Feminine included all of Nature

When our world was unbroken, we valued all life. Nature and humans were one; not master and slave, not user and used, not us and them or it. Nature was the Life Force that ensured our future, and we protected  it at all cost.

When our world was unbroken, the feminine was valued and respected across genders, race and ideology. The feminine included all aspects of human differences; all forms of love, caring, nurturing, devotion, education, music, creativity and more. The feminine included all of Nature. Nature included all the Earth. The Earth included such things as wind, bird song, light, dark, water, clouds, rain, drought, coyote singing, prey-predictor, intercourse, abstinence, emotions, dreams, thinking, listening and silence. 

When our world was unbroken, there was time for silence, solitude and darkness. These elements were seen as healers, knitters of the “tattered sleeve of care.”

Nature is healing
  • My take on Shakespeare’s “the raveled sleave of care” from Macbeth.

Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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