Female Artists Needed

A recent article in news.artnet.com explains how female artists are still less valued than male counterparts. Help to change this disturbing and inequitable pattern by buying from female artists as much as you can for your holiday gift exchanges this year.

Below are several portraits done by the Senior artists who attend a weekly class together. The group is mostly female. We didn’t have a model last Tuesday, so I sat for the group. I learned I have a hard time sitting still. One artist finally just took a picture of me to have a static image to work from.

My serious cynic persona???

I found it interesting to see how differently each person portrayed me. Now I understand what a challenge it is for any investigator to get a full, and accurate accounting of a crime. In an artistic sense, we all have a different perspective that has elements of truth, as well as the personal bias of the witness/artist.

Although none of these drawings particularly look like me, there are elements of me in each one of them. Perhaps each reveals some aspect of my personality that I needed to look at more closely.

My hidden pioneer strong woman?
My prudish, glutton persona?
My youthful presence????
My wise observer persona????

An investigator could assume I have long hair, a rather large nose, and I wear glasses. Beyond that, I’m not sure anyone could pick me out of a line up from these drawings. Good thing I’m not interested in a life of crime; just artistic expressions.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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