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300 Digital Designs and Rising!

Encouraged by my husband, my greatest admirer, I hope to continue finding new expressions for my art and music. Perhaps, I’ll reach another 300 designs by this time next year. Won’t that be a fun creative process?

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Be the Model for Your Art

As I look within, I will focus on who I want to be as an artist and a person, rather than what I produce; although the two are entwined. I am my creative process. I am the product my creative process conjures up. We are one. I am the model AND the art in progress.

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A Work in Progress

I played with “Paper Piecing” after watching an on line video. I plan to go to a workshop at Quilt Works this weekend to learn an easier method. Then I took the paint transfer pieces I made at Michelle Jackson’s studio a few weeks ago and started to put them together. Here’s where I am […]

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