“By Indirection, Find Direction Out”

I began my fabric art journey in 2016 with the creation of this “Memory Quilt.” It represents nine special places to my husband and me, and the 5 companion animals we have shared though our more than three decades of marriage.

Memory Quilt completed in 10-2016

I’d taken a “thread painting” class a few years before and resurrected those skills to make the nine landscapes, and three pillow shames. From here I started to make other thread painted images: Billy Bob the cat, The “Ready for Takeoff” sandhill kimono, and more.

I never thought of myself as a “quilter” but I’ve come to realize quilting techniques will help me make better fabric art wall hangings or other crafts. So this weekend, I will spend a full day immersed in fabric art lectures and demonstrations.

But a small voice in the back of my mind (aka my husband) worries that I will loose my unique style by absorbing these new techniques and skills. I feel that by taking this digression, this “indirection” if you will, I will find a path more clear to me. As Hamlet searched for his truth, so I will “find direction out.“ My journey is a series of indirections toward a personal “truth” of creative expression. I remain an expert in the “wing-it” method of piecing my work.

If the pieces don’t fit, I’ll make necessary adjustments, or cover a problem area with another layer of fabric art. I will overlap where something didn’t fall exactly far enough to fit squarely. In this way, I break the predictable lines, and create another “indirection.” For me, this is a more joyful process than spending hours snipping and undoing to realign something just so.

I’m not as far along with this project as I’d hoped. Doctor’s appointments, mulberry leaves, food preparation,….in essence, LIFE has gotten in the way. But, since I’m retired, I’m not on anyone’s schedule. I have time, “through assays of bias,” to “find direction out.”


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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