300 Digital Designs and Rising!

It has been quite a journey learning to make a repeating design, uploading them and actually having someone buy my design on fabric. It’s not been for money, as this will never be a means to make a profit. It is an enjoyable process of creativity.

I struggle with that notion of “making money” or “making art for art’s sake.” I have decided it’s more fun to do the latter. If someone enjoys my work enough to invest funds into it, that’s a bonus. But, ART is a competitive, fickle business. What is “trending” at the moment, may not be what is of interest to me. So, I am shifting to what brings me joy; the creative process. My “art” will be gifts to family or friends. If something sells at the Blue Portal gallery in Albuquerque’s Old Town, well, that’s enough to get me making something else to sell there.

I may pull this eCommerce web site, since nothing seems to be selling on line. I don’t know if that’s because something is not connected in the web page, or there simply isn’t interest in what I’m offering. The investment is not worth the return. I may move toward an occasional craft show, or other sales opportunity. Perhaps something will come of the digital drawing workshop I will offer next month.

Life, for me, has become a series of paths that present themselves. The path not taken always leaves me wondering…..what if…… It seems my most important decisions have been the result of Fate, being at a certain place at a certain time, mere chance, or following a suggestion by someone else.

I went to the collage my mother chose because the teachers she liked the most, at the private school where she worked, went there. I fell into Speech Pathology because Counseling was full. I met my husband when a friend took me to a Sierra Club, Tri-County Conservation League meeting. When he asked me out, I had to “check my schedule.” He thought it was the coolest brush-off. But, at the time, I was singing weddings and really did have a VERY busy schedule. Fortunately, I was able to “fit him in my schedule.”

My marriage and my career have both had their ups and downs. But, overall, they have enriched and satisfied a diversity of needs and desires in my life. Retirement has presented many opportunities to explore my creative process. Encouraged by my husband, my greatest admirer, I hope to continue finding new expressions for my art and music. Perhaps, I’ll reach another 300 designs by this time next year. Won’t that be a fun creative process???


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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