Wall Art Made Easy

Bobcat Series available in Spoonflower.com under designs by dulciart,llc

A dream was the inspiration for this bobcat series. In my dream a bobcat was quietly coming towards me out of twilight-lit grass. So, I saved images of the work in progress and came up with this “study.”

When the proofs came, I decided to play with the image through collage. I cut the green and yellow pieces together to accentuate the eye. I added a row of partial faces on the right to represent the many ways a cat will sneak up on it’s prey. I added some commercial fabric Sonoran design on the left for a suggestion of some of the habitat the bobcat enjoys. A few hemp strings were added to suggest the small “wigglie things” all cat’s love. My final touch was a bit of sequins on the right eye. It catches the light like when my old cat used to get that playful itch and was about to pounce.

Full Bobcat image most representative of the dream I had.

My final image captures the essence of what I saw in my dream. Together, they make easy wall art that anyone can make. Now….where to get frames and where to hang them. Hummmm.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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