Explorations SAQA Critique

I just finished participating in an on-line critique of my “Explorations” as well as another Studio Art Quilter’s Association (SAQA) members’ work. It was a fun, satisfying, validating experience.

Full view of “Explorations”

Several categories of assessment were discussed. 1. Contrast: In the case of Explorations, the group thought there was nice contrast between the greens and blues, the large and small squares, the pieced work on top and the vertical bands at the bottom.

2. Workmanship was my area of concern. The piece does not lay flat on the wall. The members of the critique group helpfully suggested I create a “Design Wall” made of smooth-surfaced insulation board covered with flannel. Then I can spray the piece, stretch it, pin it, and let it dry to flatten out the “wobbles.”

The top painted panel next to a small paper pieced square, surrounded by chevrons of quilt pieced strips.

3. Balance looks at concepts like heaviness, how the eye is drawn through the piece, distracting elements, how it was finished. The group liked these features in my work. They liked the jagged bottom. One suggested I might have used a bit more piece work to transition between the top design and the bottom, vertical pieces. Another suggested I taper off the black vertical lines and vary their length and spacing so it wouldn’t distract from the top area. There was also agreement that the contrast between squares and meandering vine worked well.

4. Relationships: the group felt the colors worked well together, the design made sense, the shape was pleasing, and the unfinished edge was a point of interest that they liked as well. There were no unintentional “bullseyes” that detract from the work. I was encouraged by the discussion and advise of this group.

The next SAQA Regional OnLine critique will be 9am (Mountain Standard Time) on April 18th. I hope the SAQA members will use this platform to improve and validate their artistic creations in fabric.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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