Poco a Poco

I started to add the thread painting over the grasses on the left. I began with a straight stitch to secure the edges and found the fusing was not strong enough to keep the edges from fraying. I plan to go over them again with a narrow zig zag. I’m hoping that will add even more depth to the reeds and fronds. There may be one final, thin line of diffused light along the edges of the grasses, similar to how I’ve highlighted the foggy trees.

Adding thread painting to the grasses.

My husband is confused by the “octopus” in the center panel. It doesn’t work as a Sun for him. I had to explain that two elements were at work for that feature. One was the design on the fabric I used. Both the Sun and its reflection use a circle with a radiant pattern in the center. The “full Sun” also had little curling lines that radiated out similarly to how I see the diffused light.

Main Sun feature inspired by how I see light through clouds/ fog.

The second element influencing my design choice is the way I see light as a person with dyslexia, and scotopic sensitivity. I think I might see lines of light others don’t. I saw that kind of stretching, curling light through the clouds of the current storm front moving into New Mexico this morning.

The Sun’s reflection also uses a radiant circle in the center.

My plan is to overlay everything with silver quilting thread that might bring the Sun’s image together more clearly for the general viewer. I’m hoping the main Sun feature won’t become a discordant note in an image I’m hoping will be restful and calming. Time will tell.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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