Monthly FRQs and Bargello Jumble

I met with the most incredible collection of creative women I’ve ever known yesterday. The Free Range Quilters (FRQs) meet once a month. They are a source of fabric art expertise I am very grateful to have. I laid out Foggy River for them and asked about the border idea. They all agreed “No Border.” That means I’ll be learning how to “face” the piece. They also supported my idea of free range quilting the top, and wavy quilting the bottom using metallic silver. One lady even gave me some “Top Stitch” needles to use with my metallic thread. Progress shots will come when I’ve reached that stage.

This is a quilt one of FRQs created using EQ8. She sells these designs. The plastic overlay is how the group made suggestions (using dry erase markers) for how to quilt the piece. I think the piece was called “Morning Star.” I’m still learning the names of the ladies in the group.

Bargello Jumble: I shared this piece with the FRQs. I experimented with the technique of Bargello, without the careful gradation of colors usually used. This will be my “challenge” entry for the Peruvian design. The FRQs are doing projects inspired from fabrics from around the world. They’ve already done the fish of Bali. There are plans for something from Italy, and Africa over the coming year.

I also create digital designs on Below is an entry I submitted for the Micro Modern Quilt challenge. It’s also based on the Peruvian Placemat. If you’d like to help me win, please vote for my design at: Voting ends March 3rd. I need over 160 votes to win or place. I’ve only got 25 now.

My entry for Micro Modern Quilt Challenge

I’m in the process of adjusting the colors for additional Spoonflower offerings. Check out my design library at Or search under Designs by dulciart,llc.’

Happy March!!!


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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