Bioluminescence Design Challenge

Voting ends May 19th. I’d appreciate your selecting the design below along with whatever else strikes your fancy. There are SOOOoooo many!!!
I’d appreciate your vote for Points of Light by DulciArt.

It’s a morning where the neighbor’s kid got a wooden whistle and decided it needed to be blown loud and long……at 7am!!! Someone on my Nextdoorneighbor app doesn’t understand why young teenagers, roaring through our quiet neighborhood on illegal ATVs, not stopping at stop signs, is a problem. The guy in the block north of us has a Mobil Traveler that should have been hauled to the dump years ago. This morning, the cloud of fumes overwhelms me on my back patio as I write. We’re all getting a little stir crazy. I know my tolerance levels have diminished considerably by the monotony of “indoor-ness.” I’m basically an outdoor person.

So, I was quite delighted to explore bioluminescent life forms and the glowing elements of my drawing app as a distraction to the indoor monotony. It was fun to draw this one. I’m working on a Mid-summer/Swedish design for a couple of weeks from now. I got the flowers drawn yesterday and will work on the finishing touches over the next few days.

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for your continued support in my creative design efforts. As you scroll along the innumerable, creative and beautiful designs, it’s good to set some limits for yourself so you don’t get overwhelmed. I’m a sucker for bunnies, seahorses, and certain design elements. This challenge is supposed to be “Bioluminescence.” So if it didn’t glow, I didn’t vote for it. If it catches your eye, select it. If they all start looking alike, scroll on. It makes the viewing of hundreds of offerings much easier. I also try to limit my number of votes to less than 30. Thanks again for your support.

One last thing. As our country opens up again, please use safe practices for yourself and others. I fully expect the Covid19 numbers to go up again. It’s painful to delay our lives/work/social networks, but it will be more painful to carry on if we loose the ones we love to careless abandon on our part. Please use every precaution to keep yourself and other safe. Thank you!

There is no individual liberty if there is no life. We’re fighting a deadly virus, not a political oppressor. Our government has a Constitutional directive, to keep us safe through the measures of safety proposed by science and historical context. We need to make economic changes based on facts, not political platforms. We simply can not proceed with business as usual in a post Covid19 world. Perhaps our creativity will guide us to a better means of supporting a way of life that meets the needs of everyone, not just a few who can afford it.

Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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