Back to Bargello: Here yet not really here.

I seem to have a love-hate relationship with this piece. It was much more fun in my imagination than it is for me in reality. I don’t know if it’s the colors, the beading, the distractions of all the other things I’m required, and need to do these days….. I find myself avoiding it.

Yesterday, however, a friend had sent me a DVD of David Schnaufer-In Concert. He was an amazing musical talent who was taken too soon by cancer. His dulcimer music soothed as I sewed. His deep, gravely voice tickled my visual of this rather small, slightly built man, because his voice is simply not what you expect to hear from such a small framed individual.

As I beaded these triangles, I found myself slipping away to a world where a favorite relative saves a young boy who has no one to care for him. He eats “greens” so much he needs to keep “oil cloths around his ankles” to keep the cut worms off. Or, I drifted along to a church in the 1800s, and listened to etherial sounds from an historical dulcimer-like instrument called a “music box.”

Diamonds are done. I just need to add a sideways hour-glass image at the top. It will probably be slightly larger than the draft image.

I don’t seem to have the time to watch a video straight through these days. The DVD may not skip the part I’ve already seen when I sit down to work again. There was a flaw in the production. But that will be just fine. David Schnaufer will take me to those beautiful places once again, perhaps with greater insight and enjoyment. He will help me make more progress on my Bargello Jumble.

I might have to rework that trio of beads that don’t line up well. I don’t like re-doing things, so I’ll see if there’s something else I can do to make it less distracting.

I have several other pieces in mind that I want to get to. I have a personal rule to finish one thing before I start something else. I do allow several projects to be in progress at once, (digital drawings, gardening, music practice…) but my studio space is too limited for more than one significant fabric piece at once. I still have a mask assembly line on the side. I’m behind on my production of those as well. As a 96 year old neighbor used to say, “I’m not on any schedule.” Good advise for me to remember.

So, it’s off to another day of social distancing. Live long and prosper!


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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