Canadian Wildlife Challenge

Here is my offering for the next design challenge. I’m disappointed that my “Hurdy Gurdy Summer” only managed to collect about 20 votes. But, really, I’m up against some truly outstanding talent in this arena. This next challenge is no exception. So, I’ll keep trying.

I’d be grateful if you’d cast a vote for my Canada’s Little Treasures offering in this next challenge. I’m thinking, with over 500 entries, the best thing to do is to limit your vote to 10 or 15, (difficult as that is) with one of those votes for my design. This might help my chances.
Once again, go to Enter as a guest. Click “Discover” from the top bar menu. Then choose Design Challenges from the drop down menu. Voting ends June 9th. I’m almost done with my Large Bird offering for the next challenge.

Life these days, seems to be full of distractions from my art. Yesterday was shopping to restock our larder. Today is gardening, laundry and a medical appointment. But tonight, I will participate in an online dulcimer festival event called QuarenTune. Tomorrow I have three online, dulcimer workshops to attend. This event helps to support musical artist who have lost revenue during the pandemic.

There is always an ebb and flow to pleasure and necessity. In a few spare, quiet moments, I can enjoy our finches feasting on the thistle seed I’ve put out. When I leave my back patio, the doves will descend from their quiet watchful places, and fill their bellies at the “Dove go Round.” I’ll finish viewing emails, and get my morning exercise in before the drive to the doctor’s. Hopefully, there will be time to finish my large bird drawing, and the last beadwork I need to do on my Bargello Jumble. If not today, then tomorrow.

There are many disquieting events happing in our world these days. I hope you all can find a balance between work that needs to be done on our social fabric, and the knitting of our inner fabric to keep us focused on what is important in our lives… and in our world.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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