So Much To Do….So Little Time

There’s wild birds to feed, plants to water extra due to 90+ degree temperatures. My soaker hoses can’t do it all in one hour a day.

There’s also flowers to enjoy, breezes in the leaves to carry Mimosa bloom fragrance, bird song to meditate on. A woodpecker drills the top of a telephone pole with tenacious attention to his work.

I’m taking 4 intermediate dulcimer workshops with master dulcimer player Stephen Seifert. They are going well and I feel I’m learning a lot. The challenge is finding time to practice. I’ve also signed up to lead some on-line jams with other dulcimer players using Zoom. My internet speed is… well…not up to speed. So I’ll try to improve that without increasing costs.

I actually like staying home and relating from a distance. As I’ve aged, I’ve swung more to my introverted nature. I haven’t really enjoyed a crowd scene in years. Even at folk or dulcimer festivals, I wonder alone, or hang out with just a few friends. I keep in touch with those few friends through email and social media. It’s not quite the same though.

Through the on-line jams, I’m hoping to engage with more people with similar interests. I’m hoping to share what I’m learning from Seifert. I’m hoping to learn from the other players. I’m hoping we all grow together as a community under these uncertain circumstances.

There remains an ebb and flow in our lives, no matter how “sheltered” we are. We still need to have a regular income, shop for essentials and food, prepare that food, eat, wash dishes, maintain a living space, do things that keep us engaged on several levels.

Unlike many, I am gifted by being retired. I do wonder how the economic impacts will effect my retirement situation, as well as others similarly supported. My wild birds and garden plants motivate me to get going in the morning. My music and art keep me searching for inspiration as well as studio time.

An old neighbor, now passed away, used to say, “I’m not on any schedule.” I try to do a variety of things each day. House and body maintenance, creative work, musical and spiritual practice, engaging with others…. I’ve met and engaged with more neighbors in recent months than in all the years we’ve lived in this neighborhood. We are finding a rhythm to this “new normal.” Much of it is better than before the virus. We had picked up too much speed and this virus has helped us to slam on the brakes. Major changes simply have to be made, or we will not survive. Our planet will not survive.

We need to get back to thinking about the seventh generation for all, rather than the immediate enrichment of a few. There is much work to do, and so little time for this planet, and ourselves, if we don’t.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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