Making Progress on my Sunflowers

I’ve decided to go with a quilting technique called “pebbling” for the flower centers. I tried to add layers to give it more height but that didn’t work. Pebbling is a lot easier on my arthritic hands than sewing beads. It also goes much faster. The centers are supported with plastic from a binder. It will last longer than cardboard.

I’ve sewn the flower peddles on 4 of the 5 flowers and picked out two shades of green satin for the stems and leaves. I like the shinny quality. I may couch some hemp or ribbon onto the satin to give it some texture. So many options…so little time!

I love thinking through each step as I go. While I finish sewing on the flower pedals, I’m working out how to finish each flower head and add the stems. How do I add wire to the leaves so they stand out and twist the way I want? I have some bead wire that might do the trick. Do I sew them on or give them pin backs for easy removal for transporting or cleaning?

How do I add 3D green leaves behind the flower heads?

How do I add the birds? Do I make them 3D as well, or just sew them on as a patch? Do I stick with two birds or should I have three or more?

Do I put a border on the whole thing, or not? I like my sunflower surface design. I may find a way to use that one way or another. Maybe the backing…..

So many choices to make along the way….

Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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