Uncommon Woodpecker

My Uncommon Woodpecker design was inspired by a recent dream

My dreams often inspire or influence my work. I see things in the dream world in sharper contrast than in reality. Lines are more precise, colors more brilliant, ideas more original.

My unconscious chose to create a white female woodpecker, unlike anything seen in the waking realm. Her partner was in the usual muted colors. I’m thinking it relates to my thinking that it’s time for the women in this world to shine. To take power. But there continues to be reluctance. Although the female is brighter, and higher on the limb than the male, she is still behind him, shadowed by his presence. Her brilliance is diminished by his position in front of her.

Men in politics and power have lost their perspective on what is really important. There needs to be a more equitable sharing of that power, a greater effort toward working together. History has shown, women in power tend to nurture family, equality, and future generations. It’s time for this change to take place.

My design for the Spoonflower’s 500th Artist Challenge. I thought it interesting that a mirrored repeat of my dream design created a netting. It is reinforcing the idea that we can only succeed through these dark times if we work together.

Voting on this challenge ends September 22nd. There are many wonderful offerings and you can select as many as you like. I’d appreciate your vote on my Uncommon Woodpeckers. Go to Spoonflower.com. Click “Discover” on the top menu. Choose “Design Challenge” from the drop down menu. Enjoy all the beautiful images the Spoonflower community has provided.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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