Ready for Day of the Dead

It is interesting to me how popular this festive occasion has become. In developing this design, essentially reworking previous images, I found myself remembering my friend Diana Martin who passed away in May, and my father who passed in July of this year.

Diana was a great enthusiast of Dia Del Muerto. She made shrines to lost loved ones, held elaborate parties with lots of traditional foods, and simply knew how to celebrate in style. She spent her last 3 and a half years in her beloved Mexican jungle. I thought of her while sprucing up the scull with the sombrero.

My Dad was a sailor, a mechanic, a carpenter, and general handyman. He survived the sinking of the Pecos on March 2nd, 1942. He survived two major cancer surgeries and several skin cancers. So, I thought of him while enhancing the skull with the baseball cap. He was rarely without one on his head.

My own life is filled with musicians I have known or heard of who have passed away over the years. I found myself hoping they continue to find joy and peace while playing on the other side of this reality.

Day of the Dead is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of the ones we have loved. We can offer their memories some delightful foods, sing to the joy of having known them, or of them. RBG will be in my thoughts this year. What an inspiration her life is, and will remain, for so many. There will be too many lives to celebrate in their passing this year. Many need not have died of Covid19 if proper measures had been taken early on. It will be hard to find the joy in that.

But celebrate we must! All life lived well should be celebrated, no matter how short. Go and sing some more!


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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