Covid Project, DONE!!

I’m hoping you’re all finding something fun and uplifting to do during these dark times. Here’s one of the things I’ve been doing to brighten my isolated world.

My ottoman cover made from all DulciArt,LLC surface designs.

I was happy with the color of my new, 18 inch tall, ottoman. Great for my aging knees, and it really brightened my tiny bathroom. I worried that the vinal surface might be damaged by water drips on my way to the towels….and this idea was born.

The center piece is another rendition of my “Green Woman” totem. Each spiral represents a season. The Green Woman, for me, represents the cycle of life & death, poetry, music, rebirth and renewal. She also represents the idea that Nature is always finding a way toward balance and harmony. These are all symbols and ideas to hold dear these days.

Starting at the top, and moving counter clockwise, like the wind in the southwest: Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn. The rest of the design is fun doodle ideas I played with.

The other pieces in this cover were from a tie dye challenge. Somehow the colors all worked. I wish I could show you how this looks under my color revolving night light. It’s psychedelic!!

Elastic doesn’t last here in New Mexico, so I created a sleeve along the bottom of the side panels, and cinched it with nylon string underneath. Getting around the hinges was worth one day of pondering, but this is how I did it.

I finished the edges behind the hinges, and pulled a short strip of hemmed skirt between them. Then I cinched and tied the nylons string over each hinge. It holds well without being too bulky.

As the numbers of Covid cases grow, we will all be impacted by this pandemic. Please take precautions for yourselves and everyone around you. Find some creative, beautiful and fulfilling things to do while your at it.

I have a dulcimer jam this afternoon, by Zoom, of course. Then I’ll be cooking up a few treats for my husband and I to celebrate a quiet Thanksgiving. Here’s hoping you all have many gifts to be thankful for this holiday season. There’s always phones and internet to keep connected with friends and family safely. I’m sending a virtual hug to all of you!


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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