How To Vote on Spoonflower

Another week, another challenge. I only have 7 votes for my next entry. But, it’s next week I really will be asking for your votes. So, this week, I want to walk you through How To vote on Spoonflower.

Go to Open as a guest or sign in with your login information.
1) Click “Discover” in the top menu.
2) Select “Design Challenges” from the drop down.
3) Click on “Vote Now” under Microscopic Worlds.

Notice the next challenge, “Create Room” to the right? That’s the one I’m really hoping for your support with. More on that later.

This is my current offering. It was a fun exploration in bright colors and microscopic shapes. I never saw anything like THIS under a microscope!!

Once you tap the “Vote Now” button, you will have a whole world of wonderful choices. The artists in Spoonflower are beyond the talent of any group I’m aware of. I am humbled to be part of it.

I’m also enjoying increased sales just for my attempts to enter these challenges. I am getting some attention to my designs through this effort. Generally, I only enter the challenges that interest me. That brings me to the “Create Room” challenge.

The next challenge winner can win a “Dream Box.”

I have a fairly small studio. It’s the result of having too many interests. I’m working on fixing up the garage for a workshop, but in the meantime, I have music, sewing, painting, beading, and other crafts all in one room. If I could win this organizing cabinet, it would really help me consolidate my creative materials more efficiently.

I put a lot of effort into my entry. I’ll post it next week and hope it draws more attention than my usual 20+/- votes with your help. As Yoda says, “Do…or do not! There is no try.” Thanks again for your help and consideration.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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