Reimagined Damask Wallpaper

My offering of Lg. Mimbres Damask Wallpaper in Spoonflower’s latest challenge.

I’ll admit, I had to look up the word “damask.” I’m just not a home decor specialist. When I saw the kind of weaving it was, I couldn’t help but try to put our southwestern Mimbres designs to it. It was another therapeutic exercise in a stressful time.

As always, I’d be most grateful if you could give yourself the opportunity to vote before January 26th. Enjoy all the creative imagery this challenge inspired. And, as always, I’d be grateful if you could cast a vote for mine while you tour the offerings.

Please go to Enter as a guest or login with your credentials. Go to the Discover menu, click on Challenges under that. Relax as you tour so many imaginative takes on the old weaving technique called “Damask.” Please cast one vote for my Lg. Mimbres Damask pictured above.

Yesterday’s inauguration was the first in my lifetime that such an event actually brought tears to my eyes. For the first time in four years, I have hope for the future. I feel relief that those of us who have survived so far, have a greater chance to survive to the end of this pandemic. Best wishes for your good health!


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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