Yellow and Grey. Hummmm…

I have to say, I wasn’t excited about these two colors. I’m more of a bold, brilliant color person. Yellow and Grey do not inspire “uplifting” energy for me.

Voting Ends February 2nd.

SOOOooooo. How to overcome this disparity of color, in my opinion, not matching the “uplifting” goal of the challenge? The answer was in what I drew with those colors.

I have a friend who rescues house rabbits. Debbie’s Bunnies, is one of my designs that is actually hers, published with her permission. She has also done adorable drawings of rabbits doing their irresistibly cute things. So, I used her drawings as inspiration for my own and came up with Bunnies and Daisies for this next challenge.

Bunnies and Daisies, by DulciArt,LLC

By emphasizing the yellows and using the grey only for the drawings, I think I came up with a repeating design that adequately meets the “uplifting” mood. I hope you agree.

Voting time on this challenge ends Feb. 2nd. Please take a moment and go to Login as a guest or with your credentials. Go to “Discover” just left of center on the top menu bar. Click on “Design Challenges.” Cast your votes on as many designs as you like. As always, I’d be grateful if you cast one my way.

In the bleak mid-winter, it’s always good to remember that Spring is coming to cheer us on; giving us something warm and wonderful to look forward to. Keep wearing (and making) those masks, keep social distancing, keep regularly washing your hands and we’ll get though this pandemic together!


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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