A Snowy Day Project

Nothing better than a snowy day to make us take a hard look at one or more of those projects we have been putting off. I have to order “proofs” of my designs before I can make them available for sale on Spoonflower. I have a little back log of “fill-a-yards” that I haven’t been able to get to lately. The cost of proofs adds up financially. So, I now have over a 1,000 designs, with less than half of them available for sale. I usually try to wait until I’m sure there will be a demand, or I have something in mind to make from that particular design.

Bright Sewist Tools

This was another enjoyable Spoonflower design challenge. I think it was last July. I made a “bright” version, as well as a “faded” version. My little sewing group likes chocolate, so I had to insert a chocolate bar in the design. The group actually likes M&Ms. I don’t. I couldn’t use a copyrighted image in any case. So, here’s a peek at the full range of this design theme I have in a Spoonflower.com collection called, “A Sewist,” under DulciArt,LLC.

I had planned on using the proof to make a sewing apron or vest. But life got in the way, as it has a tendency to do. Then the past few months I’ve been having trouble with my main sewing machine and spent several weeks unable to sew at all because I didn’t have a backup.

On my second trip to the repair/fabric store, for the same machine, I spotted a beginner’s Baby Lock for an affordable price. It was pre-Valentine’s Day. So I checked with my hubby. We both agreed it’d be a great VD gift for me, (I’m blessed with a partner who completley supports my creative energies!). Being in the lower price range for these machines, it did not have it’s own case. SOOOooooo

The dust cover and accessory bag I made for my new sewing machine from my proofs of “Sewist Tools,” “Bright Spools of Thread” and “Faded Spools of Thread”

I’m in the process of reorganizing my studio, again. I have a space for one more table (by some miracle!) Baby Lock will find her place on the new installation and be ready for travel to classes when Covid lifts. I’ll use her for other projects when Janomé has another technological meltdown. I will also use her when I have a smaller project more suited to her abilities.

For the moment, life is good! I have my health, my husband, a place to be creative. I am grateful everyday for those simple things that nurture the soul. I hope you all find the same in your lives.


Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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