Do You Believe in Charms and Spells?

This week’s challenge is called “Talismans.” Do you have one? Is there something that you feel supports your chances for luck or good fortune?

I consider the Green Woman my talisman. (Mine’s a Green Woman. You’re probably more familiar with the Celtic Green Man.) I don’t think of her so much as a “lucky” token. She’s more of a symbol to remind me of the cycle of life, death and rebirth. The bigger picture, if you will. The Green Woman is also associated with poetry and song. Since these are all in my creative sphere, her image works for me. I need a constant reminder that there’s a bigger picture to life on this planet. I’m collaborating with an old friend from high school days, who happens to be a jeweler, to make a ring or broach of my Green Woman for me.

My entry for the challenge called “Talisman.” We could all use a little “luck” this coming year, or at least a rebalancing of our life force.

For this challenge, I trolled the internet for symbols of luck. I came up with the Eastern Yin/Yang symbol, the middle eastern Hamsa Hand, the gambler’s value of the “Lucky 7,” (7 is also significant to musicians as the 7 notes of a scale then it repeats). I included my southwestern version of the Celtic Green Man/Woman, all interwoven with a Celtic knot. The Celts, at one time, had dominion over much of Europe. They had advanced skills in weapons, jewelry and social order. I can only hope we can return to a more balanced -environmental order in the coming years. These are the thoughts upon which I ruminated when creating this design.

This is how my talisman repeats as Lucky Fabric on the left.
I’d appreciate your help once again. Go to, click on Discover, then Design Challenges. Voting ends on February 23rd. Thanks again for your support of my little retirement business! Enjoy all the wonderful images, and kindly cast a vote my way.

Happily retired! Renewing my interests in music and art. Hoping to improve my skills in all creative areas.

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