Phase I Complete

I finished the last thread painted bird yesterday. Then I laid out my materials to begin generating my idea of a spiral of color that didn’t overwhelm the little birds. I think I have a basic plan that will work.

Phase II will be cutting and building the quilt pattern behind the birds.

Phase III will be making the quilt around the spiral, and a frame.

Phase IV will be actually quilting the design together and edging it.

There is always the chance that my “Muse” will inspire some addition or subtraction of ideas in every phase of development. We work well together, she and I.

This is the last thread painting of my little phoebe finding her own in the sky.

This is how I consider where to put the different colors and think out how the final piece will look. What you see is a fraction of what I see in my mind’s eye. I’ve already changed my mind several times about what will go where.

Here you begin to see a shape forming. I will change the tree frond on the left to a darker green. I’m toying with the idea of quilted chevrons or triangles accentuating the spiral. I’m still juggling several ideas for the surrounding quilt design. I work on this while I swim, or do house work, or waiting for sleep at night. These images bring such refreshing sleep to me. It is what a Native American friend of ours might call “Nature and Nurture.”

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